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dog laying with a heat compress

11 things to give a dog with an upset stomach

12th April, 2023

Has your hound got tummy troubles? Here are some quick remedies that could help....

Dog and chocolate

Keep Easter treats away from your pets

5th April, 2023

Vets are reminding pet owners to make sure that chocolates and hot cross buns are kept well out of reach of curious pets this Easter. Chocolate can be extremely harmful for both dogs and cats and Easter often leads to a spike in cases of chocolate poisoning, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) said....

cat sitting on cat litter

Why is my cat suddenly peeing outside the litter box?

5th April, 2023

Has your cat forgotten all their house training? Petwise turns detective to discover the reasons why…...

dog drinking water from a bowl

10 reasons why your older dog is drinking more water

4th April, 2023

From simple dehydration to diabetes, there can be lots of reasons why your older dog is drinking more than usual. Learn more now.…...

Man installing technology

Pet tech warning: are your apps and gadgets secure?

30th March, 2023

All kinds of devices and apps are available these days to help you care for your pet. But it’s worth taking a moment to make sure they aren’t creating cybersecurity risks. GPS trackers, automatic feeders and pet cameras are among the ‘pet tech’ products you can buy to improve the health, wellbeing and overall quality of life of your pets....

Cat at vets

Which cats have the highest risk of kidney stones?

22nd March, 2023

A new study has identified the cat breeds that have a greater risk of developing stones (hardened accumulations of minerals, also known as uroliths) in the kidney and ureter....

grey dog staring with wide eyes

How to spot the signs of dementia in dogs

21st March, 2023

The thought of your dog getting dementia might worry you, but there's lots you can do to help your elderly pooch. Get to know the signs of dementia in dogs and care tips in this Petwise guide....

Sad cat

Welfare concerns as cat owners cut back on pet essentials

15th March, 2023

New research suggests that some cat owners are reducing their spending on pet essentials such as vet care, vaccinations, neutering and insurance due to pressure on household budgets as living costs continue to rise. A survey of more than 3,000 owners by Cats Protection found that one in three feel “greatly impacted” by the cost of living crisis....

brown dog wearing diaper

Guide to choosing a dog diaper for your senior dog

14th March, 2023

Are toileting accidents becoming more common with your senior hound? Dog diapers could be the answer! Learn how to find the right product for your pooch in this Petwise guide....