Dog at bbq

Vet warns of BBQ food risks for pets

If you’re planning a barbecue this weekend, there are four things in particular that you should keep away from your pets, according to vet Dr Joanna Woodnutt.

With 62% of UK households owning a pet and three in four households owning a barbecue, pet-sitting and house-sitting website TrustedHousesitters has worked with Dr Woodnutt to determine the biggest risks and the best safety precautions. They include:

  1. Onions and garlic: these are toxic to cats and dogs. Sausages and burgers often contain traces of onions and garlic, so they shouldn’t be given to pets.
  2. Corn on the cob: Sweetcorn itself is not a danger, but the the inner cob is not digestible and because of the size and shape it can get lodged in the guts, causing an intestinal obstruction.
  3. Bones: Cooked bones can easily splinter if eaten by dogs or cats, causing damage to the gut and mouth. They can also lodge in the intestines and cause a blockage.
  4. Skewer sticks: Be wary of leaving any barbecued kebabs around. Dogs especially are likely to just swallow the whole thing, which could be extremely harmful.

The good news is your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out on barbecue season! Small amounts of lean grilled meat, fish and most vegetables are all safe for your pet.

Remember to watch out for hot barbecue coals and give your pet plenty of time in the shade and cool water to drink.

To learn more about what foods your dog can and can’t eat, check out this Petwise A to Z guide.