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Dog running through winter field

Are you ready for Winter?

11th December, 2023

Winter is the season for cold icy weather, dark evening strolls, crunching in the snow and brisk frosty walks....

How to mentally stimulate a senior dog: An in-depth guide

How to mentally stimulate a senior dog: An in-depth guide

20th November, 2023

As your beloved dog reaches their golden years, keeping their mind sharp becomes more important than ever. Cognitive stimulation can not only enrich your senior dog's life but also slow down the natural cognitive decline that comes with ageing. This comprehensive guide will walk you through different strategies on how to mentally stimulate a senior dog....

Dog playing ball

Senior pet fitness: The importance of exercise

16th November, 2023

Senior dogs are more likely to have health conditions or other problems that might limit how much they can exercise....

Parent and puppy

Puppy Love! A guide to successful introductions with your older pet

16th November, 2023

Images of pooch pals are all around us. Dogs play together in TV ads while our Instagram feeds are full of snuggling pups....

Cat in the snow

How to protect and pamper your pet this winter

16th November, 2023

During the winter months as the temperature drops, it’s important to adjust how you care for your pet to help them stay warm and safe....

Xmas dog and owner

Paws & Play: Unique gifts for your pet

16th November, 2023

Christmas is an exciting time for humans and is also a time when we can do something special for the dogs in our lives. Christmas is a time that we can show our dogs how loved and appreciated they are. We take a look at some ideas to give your dog the Christmas Day the deserve....

brown dog sleeping on the sofa

What are the signs of degenerative myelopathy in dogs?

6th October, 2023

Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive disease that affects a dog's spinal cord, leading to hind limb weakness and eventually paralysis....

Cat held by vet

Study reveals risk factors for respiratory pathogens in cats

28th September, 2023

Feline calcivirus (FCV) is the most common upper respiratory tract pathogen in pet cats in the UK, researchers have found. FCV, along with feline herpesvirus (FHV) and Chlamydia felis (C. felis), are highly contagious, common oral infectious agents and the main cause of upper respiratory tract disease in cats....

senior dog smiling

Chronic diarrhoea in dogs

19th September, 2023

Are you concerned about your furry friend's chronic diarrhoea? It can be distressing to see your dog experiencing ongoing digestive issues. Chronic diarrhoea in dogs is a condition that requires careful attention and management....