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More pets go missing in the summer

20th June, 2022

Pet owners have been warned to be vigilant after data revealed that more pets go missing during the summer months. Five years’ worth of data from Petlog, the UK’s biggest lost and found pet database, shows a 63% increase in dogs and cats being reported as missing or stolen during June, July and August, compared to the winter months of December, January and February....

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Cats know each other's names, study shows

9th June, 2022

Cats who live together end up learning each other’s names, researchers have found. The study in Japan included 48 cats that lived with at least two other feline friends....

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Nine in ten owners say dogs improve mental wellbeing

9th June, 2022

New research shows the positive impact that dogs have on their owners’ wellbeing, particularly those who are struggling with loneliness and anxiety....

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Almost half of owners admit to putting their pet's needs before their own

7th June, 2022

When you share your home with a dog or cat, it’s inevitable that life will revolve around the pet’s needs to some extent. After all, they depend on us for food, shelter and more....

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Is your dog stressed when you go to the vet?

26th May, 2022

Going to the vet can be a stressful experience for dogs, a new study shows. Researchers from the University of Adelaide used heart rate monitors to see how 30 dogs of different ages and breeds reacted during a visit to the vet for a routine physical examination....

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Top tips on keeping your older dog cool this summer

24th May, 2022

On hot sunny days, it’s not just us that get hot and bothered; our furry family feel it too. Unlike us, dogs can’t sweat through their skin like we do and so they rely on panting and releasing heat through their paw pads and nose to regulate their body temperature and keep cool....


Popular breeds with the royal family

24th May, 2022

Just like the rest of us, the British royal family love their dogs. Once they find a breed that they bond with, they will often make sure they’ve got one, two or five, in some cases – next to them for life....

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Greyhound Kennels – Karen Farley’s story

24th May, 2022

This month Petwise Insurance features the outstanding ‘Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels’, who are making sure these great racers can retire in style. Did you know that around 8,000 racing greyhounds retire each year and when owners are done watching them run, they are often abandoned indiscriminately?...

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New study shows average life expectancy for dogs

23rd May, 2022

How long can I expect my dog to live? While this depends on a number of factors and we can’t know the answer for sure, a new study reveals the average life expectancy for different breeds....