Xmas dog and owner

Paws & Play: Unique gifts for your pet

Christmas is an exciting time for humans and is also a time when we can do something special for the dogs in our lives. Christmas is a time that we can show our dogs how loved and appreciated they are. We take a look at some ideas to give your dog the Christmas Day the deserve.

Routine: Just because you’re planning a champagne brunch, doesn’t mean your dog will be happy to skip breakfast. Maybe one member of the family should be given responsibility for checking the dog’s not been forgotten, and that they’re not getting into trouble stealing food that might be dangerous or chewing presents lying around.

Choice: Some dogs love being part of any excitement going, others not so much. Make sure your dog has access to a quiet comfortable corner if they need a break.

Food Treats: Food is a large part of our Christmas day, don’t leave your dog out. Perhaps start their day off with a frozen stuffed Kong, it will keep your dog happily occupied while you get on with your own food prep.

Presents: Let them unwrap their own presents- much like toddlers, the paper and boxes they come in can be as rewarding as the contents. Don’t forget crackers! The inner tube from a kitchen roll, filled with a few treats or a toy, wrapped up with paper twists at the end makes a Christmas cracker fit for any dog to tug, chew, and eventually destroy!

Your Attention: Whether its playing games or spending time stroking and talking to them- take cue from your dog. Your attention is what your dog really wants. (Although, that piece of turkey you mentioned would be good too…)

Go On a Sniffari: Yes, it is a thing! Your dog's main sense of the world comes through their nose. Today in particular, let your dog be a dog. Don't hustle them along on a walk – let them choose the route and give them time to sniff the environment, the trees, the lampposts.

Entertaining Themselves: Give your dog’s something to keep their brains and noses enjoyably occupied. There are any number of puzzle toys, snuffle mats, treat dispenser balls and electronic devices available. Or make your own. This is where the recycling – the acres of wrapping paper and empty boxes – come into their own: hide treats in scrumpled up paper on the floor or in a dog-sized box.

Wishing all of you and your dogs a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Source: FirstVet