Senior Pet Insurance

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  • No age driven excess
  • Claims paid directly to your vet
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Senior pet insurance from Petwise

Finding a comprehensive pet insurance policy at the right price can become more difficult as your pet ages, leaving older dogs and cats feeling very much left out. The team at Petwise recognise this struggle and are proud to be the first insurance company in the UK to offer insurance policies exclusively for pets aged seven years and older.

Petwise believe that owners who look after and love their pet well into their golden years deserve a policy that is tailored to their needs, so rather than taking a one size fits all approach, we have designed a variety of insurance policies that can safeguard your pet for years to come. Our old faithful companions are just as precious to us as our new puppies and kittens. Love lasts a lifetime!

The Petwise team also insure most senior rescue dogs and cats giving you the helping hand you need to offer an unwanted pet their forever home. Rescuing has never been more vital, with many choosing to overlook rescue animals in favour of new puppies and kittens. Petwise wants to address this imbalance and give customers the confidence to take on an older or rescue pet without concerns over age related illnesses or diseases. Every animal deserves a loving forever home.

Select your level of cover

With a choice of seven senior cover levels, offering inclusive benefits such as dental cover as standard, farewell cover to help you through difficult times and a flat fixed excess meaning co-payment will never be introduced we are sure that you will find a level of cover that meets yours and your pets needs.

Why should I insure an older animal?

Insurance is an incredibly important aspect of pet ownership, according to the Association of British Insurers report, the average claim in 2019 was £822 so you need to consider how you would pay for hefty vet bills or expensive dentistry if your pet were ever to need it.

If you took your policy out before 6th April 2021 your cover and the policy benefits and exclusions will differ from those displayed above. Please CLICK HERE to access your policy documents.

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