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Brown dog in field

Animal Pain Awareness Month 2023 with FirstVet

21st August, 2023

Pain isn’t fun for any of us, and our furry friends are no exception! September is Animal Pain Awareness Month; it helps educate and inform pet owners about animal discomfort. The goal is to help pet owners learn about their pet’s health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain. This can greatly improve their quality of life....

Family with dog

Helping your pets with the back-to-school blues

21st August, 2023

With the kids going back to school, the house is quiet again. But what about your dog, who was been used to all the energy and activity in the house while everyone was at home all summer?...

Ginger cat

Ginger Cat Day- September 1st, 2023

21st August, 2023

Marmalade, red, orange or ginger - whatever you want to call it, ginger cats are nothing less than extraordinary. Find out everything there is to know from what's responsible for the colouring of ginger cats to the cat breeds that come in this wonderful shade....

Old dog lying down

Slow walking may be sign of dementia in older dogs

21st July, 2023

Dogs who slow down physically also slow down mentally, a new study suggests. Researchers at North Carolina State University said that based on the findings, measuring gait speed in senior dogs could be used to monitor their health and to record decline in their neurological function as they age....

Dog jumping

Study highlights bone cancer risk in giant dogs

14th July, 2023

Very large dog breeds have a significant risk of osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumour, compared to crossbreed dogs, new research shows. Analysing veterinary clinical records for a sample of 905,552 UK dogs over the course of one year, the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) study found that osteosarcoma was much more common in giant breeds and dogs with heavier bodyweights....

cat on elderly persons lap

Is my senior cat lonely?

12th July, 2023

As seasoned cat owners, you've likely noticed that your feline companion's behaviour has changed over the years. The playful kitten that used to dart across your living room has now transformed into a more reserved and mature cat, preferring quiet moments to energetic playtime....

dog sitting next bowl of food

Do senior dogs need senior dog food? Unveiling the truth for your aging canine's nutrition

11th July, 2023

As your faithful companion begins to age, you might start wondering whether their nutritional needs are changing. Is your pet getting everything they need from their current food? Or is it time to transition to a diet specifically formulated for senior dogs? To make the best decision, you need to understand the basics of senior dog nutrition....

Dog at vets

Skin lesions in dogs can be linked to dental disease

6th July, 2023

Vets in Scotland have identified a possible link between skin lesions and dental disease in dogs. In three separate cases referred to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies’ Hospital for Small Animals, a sore or growth on the skin near the eye was found to be linked to dental problems....

Dog at bbq

Vet warns of BBQ food risks for pets

23rd June, 2023

If you’re planning a barbecue this weekend, there are four things in particular that you should keep away from your pets, according to vet Dr Joanna Woodnutt. With 62% of UK households owning a pet and three in four households owning a barbecue, pet-sitting and house-sitting website TrustedHousesitters has worked with Dr Woodnutt to determine the biggest risks and the best safety precautions....