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Owners prioritise dogs ahead of humans for Christmas gifts this year

Owners prioritise dogs ahead of humans for Christmas gifts this year

22nd December, 2022

People may be cutting back on spending on gifts for friends and family this Christmas, but they are still planning to spoil their dogs....

dog in car

Finding the best pitstops when travelling with your dog

14th December, 2022

If you’re taking a car journey with your dog this Christmas, it’s important to plan your trip so that you can take regular breaks. But on an unfamiliar route, how do you know where to stop?...

Dog with paw up

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks, owners say

7th December, 2022

With age comes wisdom, according to 71% of pet parents who said their four-legged friend has become smarter with age. The survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners revealed that as they’ve got older, their pets are better at interacting with other pets or people (72%) and learning new tricks/commands (56%)....

Old Cat

London cat declared world's oldest

30th November, 2022

A senior cat in the south of England has been officially recognised as the world’s oldest living cat, just a few weeks before her 27th birthday. Flossie was recently taken in by Cats Protection after her owner was unable to support the welfare of such an elderly cat....

dog hiding under cover

Seeing in the New Year – tips for supporting your pet

30th November, 2022

Seeing in the New Year – tips for supporting your pet. Although it feels as though we’ve only just had bonfire night, New Year, and therefore more fireworks, are just around the corner....

Dog in Christmas hat

Christmas Gatherings and the impact on your older pet

30th November, 2022

Christmas is quite rightly a time that most people will spend with their friends, family and furry companions. If you’re planning on playing host this year, it’s worth remembering that pets can be sensitive to changes in their routine, especially as they get older....

Cat over woman's shoulder

Diabetes. What is it and what should I do… By Dr Peter Higgins

30th November, 2022

What is diabetes? You may have heard of, or use the term; “The Sugar”. For example, someone may say; “My dog has a bad case of The Sugar”. What they are talking about is diabetes, but even diabetes can be spilt onto four different forms....

Dog next to food

New standard launched for raw pet food production

23rd November, 2022

A new certification scheme for raw pet food production has been announced by UK Pet Food, formerly the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. For owners who feed their pets a raw diet, the scheme highlights products that are made to high food and hygiene standards....

Old Brown Dog in park

New tests can help monitor cognitive decline in older dogs

16th November, 2022

Researchers have identified two simple tests that can be used to assess and monitor cognitive decline in dogs as they get older. These days, dogs are living longer and one consequence is that behavioural and physical deficits in old age have become more prevalent....