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dog wearing orange rescue top sniffing the ground

14 things that every rescue dog's owner understand

15th November, 2022

Rescuing a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Petwise shares 14 things that everyone who’s rescued a canine can relate to and some tips if you’re hoping to do the same, including where to find pet insurance for rescue dogs....

3 dogs in a blanket with their nose sticking out

Do I need to give my dog extra care in the winter months?

11th November, 2022

Your senior canine needs special care as the weather gets colder, but how can you help? Petwise shares ways to protect your ageing dog and top tips to ensure they get enough exercise during winter....

Dogs judge us when we make mistakes

Dogs judge us when we make mistakes

9th November, 2022

Do you ever feel like your dog is judging you? You may be right… New research has found that dogs are capable of recognising humans’ competence at completing certain tasks. Researchers in Japan examined how both male and female dogs reacted to “competent” and “incompetent” people who attempted to open a clear container with a lid on it....

Missing dog poster

More dogs go missing during fireworks season

2nd November, 2022

Many dogs are frightened by fireworks, with the loud bangs and bright flashes of light even causing some to escape or run away. New figures show that a third more dogs are reported missing at this time of year....

young girl laying next to a brown dog on a bed

How to save money on pets during the cost-of-living crisis

27th October, 2022

As prices rise across the UK, we show you how to save money on pets and keep your household costs down with this essential Petwise guide....

Labrador's eye

Corneal transplant saves Labrador's eye

19th October, 2022

Vets have successfully removed a fast-growing melanoma from a dog’s eye and repaired it with a corneal grafting material. Connie, a Labrador Retriever, was referred to veterinary specialists with a growth in her right eye which her owner said had been increasing in size rapidly over the past couple of weeks....

brown dog with its teeth bared

What does it mean when an older dog’s teeth chatter?

17th October, 2022

Teeth chattering in dogs is sometimes nothing to worry about, but it can also be a sign of something more serious. Learn why your senior dog chatters its teeth below....

Dog at vets

Older dogs less likely to be up-to-date on leptospirosis vaccine

12th October, 2022

When was your dog last vaccinated against leptospirosis? Vets recommend that all dogs in the UK should be vaccinated against: • parvovirus • distemper • leptospirosis • canine infectious hepatitis Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, they may also need a vaccine for kennel cough and/or rabies, says veterinary charity PDSA....

Old dog

Signs that your older dog may be in pain

5th October, 2022

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from aches and pains and other health issues as they get older. Arthritis, for example, is very common in older dogs as joint function deteriorates with age....