Muddy white dog

Leaves and Laughter. Unleashing the joy of Autumn walks

Walking your dog in Autumn can be a strange time of year. The sunshine sneaks away and the wet weather creeps in, the next thing you know the clocks are going back making our days of brightness shorter.

This can bring some challenges for pets and their parents. The changes in the weather will find people going on fewer walks with their four-legged friends, especially when they come back soaking and covered in mud, this is something that people would rather not have to deal with after a walk. We have a few tips to make your autumn walks easier, especially for pups that love nothing more than exploring and coming back unrecognisable because they may have found a wonderful mud bath.

Pack A Bag with All the Essentials for Walking Your Dog in Autumn

This might include some of the following:

  • A towel is great for giving your dog a good rub, removing wetness and any clumps of mud that have found themselves embedded in your pet’s fur, reducing the risk of any infections, especially if they have any small cuts from their walk.
  • Dog-friendly booties are an excellent preventive measure from paws getting cut or injured when out on their walks. With an increase in rainfall, paths can become loose meaning small stones become dislodged and can cut your dog’s paws. Overgrown brambles can also contribute to damage to a dog’s paws, especially if they go wandering off the path. For hikers, dog booties are great when walking along sharp rocks as well as slippery rocks. As the frost creeps in, dog booties can also create a barrier between the icy ground and their paws which can become dry and chapped.
  • Dog-friendly wipes are a quick, easy, and effective way to remove any dirt or grime from their paws and hard-to-get areas. Not to be used as a replacement for bathing your dog, wipes should only be used as a surface cleaner when out and about on walks, especially if they have trod in mud or anything unpleasant that you would prefer not to enter your vehicle or home.
  • Pet first aid kit is something every pet parent should have when going for walks with their dogs, especially on hikes in the wilderness. Don’t forget to include some of the key items, for example, tweezers which can be great for removing thorns, plastic covers to keep dirt from entering any fresh wounds your pup may have gotten on their walk, including tape and bandages to protect cuts.
  • Reflective and high visibility accessories to keep your dogs seen, especially when daylight has a way of disappearing quickly during this time of year.

What to pack into your car for an Autumnal walk with your dog?

  • After a walk in the wet and muddy weather, the last thing you want is to have muddy paw prints all over the inside of your vehicle. Invest in a good quality mat, to prevent your car from being covered in mud and to absorb any moisture. The mat can be placed in the car or your pet’s bed keeping them dry.
  • Pack a dog coat into the car, especially if you are planning on spending a lot of time outside on walks. Like humans, in their older age senior pets also have difficulties retaining the heat in their bodies.

Other Things to Consider When Walking Your Dog in Autumn

  • Parasites- When the colder months phase in, routines are altered which include your dog’s tick and flea treatments. Just because it is cold outside does not mean it’s time to stop treating them. Ticks can still be active at temperatures as low as seven degrees. This is still a time to be cautious, especially if living in an area where ticks are found. Fleas like warmer temperatures and can often hide in little crevices in the home. They could still be feeding off your pets which is why continuing with flea treatments is important.
  • Autumn is an important time of year for farmers- As there is a lot of livestock it is important to keep your dog on a lead when walking around countryside fields in case your pet gets spooked.
  • Always carry a phone- Make sure its fully charged so that you are ensuring you can contact the emergency services if anything were to happen.
  • Walk against traffic- Walking against the traffic ensures you have higher odds of noticing oncoming traffic and most importantly, they can notice you.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy your autumnal walks. Whether it is on a bright sunny morning or a cool Smokey evening. By following our top tips, you will ensure you and your dog have the optimum safety when on your daily walks.