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Two bonded cats laying on a sofa together

What is a ‘bonded pair’ of cats?

16th June, 2021

How can you tell if your two cats are bonded? And if you have one moggy and are thinking of getting another, what can you do to help them form that very special connection?...

Dog walking

Study shows positive impact of cats and dogs on mental health

14th June, 2021

Cats and dogs are good for our mental health — and the benefits increase over time. In a new study, individuals with mental illness showed lower anxiety, depression and loneliness after being paired with a shelter dog or cat and spending time with the animal....

AI could help vets identify hard-to-diagnose endocrine disease

AI could help vets identify hard-to-diagnose endocrine disease

8th June, 2021

Artificial intelligence could help improve the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome in dogs, new research shows. Cushing’s syndrome, or hyperadrenocorticism, is an endocrine disease in which the body overproduces the steroid hormone cortisol....

Elderly dog smiling

A first-of-its-kind pet insurance for older cats and dogs

7th June, 2021

Pets are a fundamental part of the family, whatever their age. Finding a comprehensive pet insurance policy at the right price can become more difficult as a pet gets older, meaning some dog and cat owners may decide not to take out cover....

Cat Sunbathing

Keeping your cat safe from the sun

26th May, 2021

Many cats love soaking up the sunshine, but it’s important to be aware of the risks of over-exposure — particularly if your cat has light colouring or a white nose or ears. For cats as well as humans, spending too long in direct sunlight can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer....

Senior Beagle

Pet theft taskforce to investigate rise in dognapping

20th May, 2021

The government has launched a new taskforce to investigate the reported rise in pet theft since the first lockdown in March 2020. Demand for pets has soared during the pandemic, with restrictions forcing millions of people to spend more time at home....

An older dog asleep in its bed

Why do old dogs sleep so much?

20th May, 2021

In this article, we answer your questions about older dogs’ sleeping patterns. How much sleep do they need, how much sleep is too much, and how you can make their quieter golden years as enjoyable as possible....

Dog with the vet

Pain can cause older dogs to behave aggressively

19th May, 2021

Older dogs are among those more likely to show aggressive behaviour, according to a new study. Aggressive behaviour in dogs can include growling, barking, snapping and biting. These are part of normal canine communication, and they also occur in non-aggressive situations, such as during play....

A fluffy older cat laying on the back of a sofa sleeping

Common health problems in older cats

13th May, 2021

what are the common health problems your older cat could be suffering from – and how can you spot them before it’s too late? After all, a speedy diagnosis and effective early treatment could add years to your faithful feline’s life....