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A grey senior cat eating from a bowl of cat biscuits

How much food does an old cat need?

11th May, 2021

Has your older cat begun to be less active? Are they spending more time indoors? If so, their metabolism may also be slowing down. This means they could be at risk of putting on weight if you keep feeding them in the same way as in their more active, younger days....

An older dog laying in its bed looking sad

Behaviour problems in older dogs

11th May, 2021

When you’ve been together for as long as you and your older dog have, then you’ll really know each other's quirks and foibles. And just like their human owners every dog has their own personality and particular way of doing things. But as your faithful friend gets on in years, you might notice them acting a little differently to how they used to....

Dog at the vets

Vets encouraged to offer tailored care for senior pets

10th May, 2021

A new campaign aims to improve the quality of life of older pets. Veterinary pharmaceutical company Animalcare is offering free resources to veterinary practices to help enhance the level of care they provide to animals as they age and to educate owners on how they can maintain their pet’s wellbeing and welfare in later life....

Lazy dog

Dogs have piled on the pounds in lockdown

10th May, 2021

A combination of extra treats and less exercise means that many pets across the UK have put on weight since the start of the pandemic. In a survey by pet food maker Natural Instinct, nearly half of dog owners admitted that they have overindulged their pet over the past 12 months....

Dog Napper

More than three-quarters of owners worried about 'dognapping' risk

26th April, 2021

Dog owners are increasingly fearful over their pets’ safety after a rise in dog theft. With demand for pets at an all-time high during the pandemic, dogs have become a target for criminals. DogLost, a UK charity that helps victims of dog theft, recorded a 170% increase in the crime last year, from 172 dogs reported stolen in 2019 to 465 dogs in 2020....

A small brown dog sitting on a sofa

Dog's size and shape associated with higher bone tumour risk

19th April, 2021

Osteosarcoma, a painful and aggressive bone tumour in dogs, can affect any breed but larger breeds in particular are more susceptible, new research has confirmed....

A dog running in a fenced area chasing a ball

Best training activities for older dogs

15th April, 2021

At Petwise, we’re specialists when it comes to providing insurance for senior dogs. So we’ve put together a guide to some of the best ways to keep your spaniel sporty or your akita active in their more mature years....

Preventative health care

Preventative health care

7th April, 2021

Just like us, our faithful canine and feline pets grow old too. Making time relevant exercise, lifestyle and healthcare interventions can really help to ease them through their golden years....

Supporting your pet through their golden years

Supporting your pet through their golden years

7th April, 2021

Just like us, our faithful canine and feline pets grow old too. Being proactive and making time relevant lifestyle changes can help to ease them safely through their golden years....