Emma and Max the dog

Pet love story – meet Emma and Max

We love hearing about your pets and we’d love to share your story with all our readers.

Our team at Petwise is full of animal lovers, so this month, we asked our team to share their pet love stories. We love pets old and young, so we hope you find Team Leader Emma’s story as inspirational as we did.

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Emma and Max


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“Here is Max - he is a rescue from Romania where he was found at what was estimated as 8 weeks old with his brother. There was no mother to be found and so he was rescued via a great rescue company based in the UK.

We received him in September after going through the stringent process of home checks via zoom due to Covid and as you can see from the pic he was quite skinny and was very timid and scared after four days travel to get to us. He then spent two days in isolation in our home before being allowed to have visitors etc., he had not ever known a home or a bed and certainly not toys.

He is now a very charming chappy, very happy to pose for photos and although we still have a lot of work to do with him he is coming along nicely. We now have good lead work and sticking to a routine has certainly helped. He does have some reaction on the lead when other people or dogs are about but this is getting easier and will come with patience and time and understanding.

We lost our previous dog over four years ago now due to a heart condition and he passed away just before his 5th Birthday, it was heart wrenching so when we were ready for another dog we wanted to help a dog who had not had the best of starts.”

Thank you Emma for sharing your heart-warming story of adopting Max.