Dog and owner

Owners share their food, bed and even bath with their pets

Pets really are part of the family — and new research reveals just how close we are to our furry friends.

The survey of 2,000 adults who have a cat or dog found that 97% let their pet ‘kiss’ them and 67% allow their pet on the sofa, with 58% admitting their pooch has its own spot.

More than one in five (22%) owners think nothing of sharing meals with their pet, and 6% even have baths together.

Dog with tongue sticking out

Household cleaning brand Vileda, which commissioned the study, also found that 49% have their pet at, or under, the dinner table with them so they can eat meals together.

Those who let their cat or dog sleep in bed with them do so an average of four times a week, while 44% admit this happens every night.

Four in ten (40%) owners believe their lives are less hygienic since they got a pet, with 42% admitting their cat or dog ‘rules the household’.

And nearly six in 10 have tried to stop their pet doing ‘unhygienic’ things, but 28% admit they can’t resist the looks they give them.

“Just because you might not be able to see some dirt and germs doesn’t mean they aren’t there, so regular cleans are a must when you have pets,” said a spokesman for Vileda.

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