Old Cat

London cat declared world's oldest

A senior cat in the south of England has been officially recognised as the world’s oldest living cat, just a few weeks before her 27th birthday.

Flossie was recently taken in by Cats Protection after her owner was unable to support the welfare of such an elderly cat.

She is now settling in to a new home after the charity matched her to Vicki Green of Orpington, who had experience of caring for senior cats.

“I knew from the start that Flossie was a special cat, but I didn’t imagine I’d be sharing my home with a Guinness World Records title holder,” said Vicki, who is also aged 27. “She’s so affectionate, playful and sweet, especially when you remember how old she is. I’m immensely proud that Cats Protection matched me with such an amazing cat.

“She’s deaf and has failing eyesight but none of that seems to bother her. She’s completely with it, loves affection and has a very good appetite. She never turns her nose up at the chance of a good meal, except when she’s snuggled on her favourite yellow blanket.”

Naomi Rosling, co-ordinator at Cats Protection’s Tunbridge, Crowborough and District Branch, said that staff were “flabbergasted” when vet records showed Flossie to be nearly 27 years old.

“She’s the oldest cat I’ve ever met; at least 120 in human years. If I’m in such good shape when I’m her age, with someone who does what’s best for me when I need it most, I shall be a very happy lady.”

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