Cat sleeping in the sun

Helping your cat to cope with very hot weather

Cats Protection has offered some advice on looking after cats as the temperatures soar.

With extremely high temperatures expected across the UK this week, hydration is key. Here are some ways to get your cat to drink more water:

  • Avoid plastic bowls. In the heat, these can taint the taste of the water. Use glass, ceramic or metal instead.
  • Place water bowls away from food bowls. Cats don’t like to drink in the same place that they eat.
  • Make sure the water bowl is large, with a big surface area.
  • Keep the water topped up so your cat doesn’t have to put their head into the bowl, and to make sure your cat isn’t left without any water at all.
  • Many cats prefer running water, so try offering a cat fountain.
  • Putting water bowls in different places around the house will help cats always find somewhere to drink.
  • If your feed your cat wet food, small amounts of water can be mixed into the food, which will increase fluid intake.

Cat in the sun

It’s important to provide plenty of shade both inside and out. Indoors, fans can help to keep the air circulating — but don’t point fans directly at your cat.

Another handy tip is to freeze a bottle of water, wrap it in a towel or pillowcase and place it somewhere your cat goes regularly. This stops them from feeling overheated during hotter spells. Make sure your cat can get away if they want to, and that the bottle doesn’t leak!

Overexposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer. Cats Protection recommends that if your cat has white fur, try keeping them inside between 10am and 3pm, when the sun is at its hottest. Your vet can recommend a suitable sunscreen for cats, to ensure they don’t suffer from sunburn.

Last but not least, if you are concerned about your cat’s health in the heat, or if you have an elderly cat in poor health, speak to your vet.

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