Dog and owner

Almost half of owners admit to putting their pet's needs before their own

When you share your home with a dog or cat, it’s inevitable that life will revolve around the pet’s needs to some extent. After all, they depend on us for food, shelter and more.

In fact, nearly two in five pet owners consider their dog or cat to be like a child to them. And more than a quarter say they prefer to see their furry friend over their partner after a day at work.

Dog and elderly owner

A poll of 2,000 cat and dog owners by pet care retailer Pets at Home found that 73% see their pet as part of the family, with 40% of pets having their own spot on the sofa.

The survey also revealed that 45% of owners admitted prioritising their pet’s needs over their own. More than half said that they place more importance on their animal’s walks and exercise over their own time to relax, and 47% are more likely to treat their pet than themselves.

When it comes to the challenges of pet ownership, the happiness and health of their pet ranked as owners’ biggest concern, while some also highlighted the impact of the rising cost of living on their ability to care for their pet.

Other concerns included how well their pet interacts with other animals and other people.

But pets are worth the worries: just over half of owners claimed that getting their dog or cat was one of the best moments of their life. A fifth said it was more special than landing their first job, and one in 10 even look back more fondly on welcoming their pet into the family than their wedding day.

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