Less Adoptable Pet

19th – 25th September is ‘Adopt a less adoptable pet week’ – but what can you do to support?

We love all pets regardless of their age or what they look like. However, when it comes to adopting a pet that needs a loving home, we can often have a set criteria in mind, which some deserving cats and dogs fall outside of – a lot of the time due to their age.

The 19th – 25th September is ‘Adopt a less adoptable pet week’, which shines a light on those pets who end up staying longer in the adoption centres than they deserve to. However, if you aren’t currently in a position to be able to give one of these pets a home, you may be wondering what you can do to help.

Well, look no further! We’ve found a number of ways in which you can support this cause – and all of them are easy to do…

  • Share posts/photos from animal adoption centres of less adoptable pets on your social media!

Who knows, the pawfect owner for the pet you share could be one of your followers or friends – and if you ask they may even share it to their friends/followers and so on, and so forth! Spread the adoption love.

  • Share your story

Have you adopted an older cat or dog? If so, share your story! If people hear about how amazing your experience has been, they could be much more likely to consider a less adoptable pet the next time they’re looking for a furry soul mate. Tell everyone who will listen – who wouldn’t want to hear about your pet!

  • Foster less adoptable pets

If you don’t want to commit fully to adopting a pet that may have more demanding needs as they get older, you could also look into fostering. This would give them a well-deserved break from the adoption centre and time in a loving home. It can also help to socialise animals that are less used to humans, making them more adoptable in the future.

  • Donate to/support your local rescue centre

The financial impact of looking after animals who spend a long time at adoption centres can be huge, particularly for smaller independent shelters. See if there’s a way you can support, either through volunteering or through financial, food or toy donations.