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...and make the most of your policy

We are unable to provide advice, however below are some important points on how to make the most of your pet insurance policy.

  • To make the most of your pet policy, don’t forget that you can ask your veterinary surgeon for an estimate before treatment and you have the option to shop around, all vets charge different prices even in the local area and as all policies either have a maximum limit per condition or a pot of money for the year for all conditions this will make your money go further, meaning you can treat your pet for longer. You can also use our Vet Video Consultations as a first point of call to see if a visit to your vet is necessary. 
  • To obtain the best value for money ensure you check medication prices, ask your vet for a prescription (there will be a charge for this) and you can search the internet for a UK online pharmacy.
  • When buying your pet make sure you obtain a signed and dated receipt from the seller, with their name and address included. Keep this in a safe place.
  • Make sure your pet has regular routine health checks. Often a routine check will pick up any early signs of illness, which may require treatment, and in some cases can help prevent an illness occurring. Both of which will help your pet and the amount of treatment needed.
  • Like humans our pets health can be impacted by overeating or a lack of exercise so keeping your pet at the correct weight is important as being under or overweight can lead to other illnesses.
  • If you need to make a claim please click here to download a form.
  • You must make sure your veterinary surgeon fills in and signs the claim form before you fill in your part so you can understand what your vet is claiming for.