(1) publish appropriate information regarding their internal procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints;

(2) refer eligible complainants to the availability of this information: 

These procedures must ensure that a complaint may be made free of charge.

(a) in relation to a payment service, in the information on out-of-court complaint and redress procedures required to be provided or made available under regulations 36(2)(e) (Information required prior to the conclusion of a single payment service contract) or 40 (Prior general information for framework contracts) of the Payment Services Regulations; or

(b) otherwise, in writing at, or immediately after, the point of sale;

(3) provide such information in writing and free of charge to eligible complainants:

(a)  on request; and

(b) when acknowledging a complaint; and

(4) provide information to eligible complainants, in a clear, comprehensible and easily accessible way, about the Financial Ombudsman Service including the Financial Ombudsman Service's website address:

(a) on the respondent's website, where one exists; and

(b) if applicable, in the general conditions of the respondent's contract with the eligible complainant.


And DISP 1.2.3G


The summary details concerning internal complaints handling procedures should cover at least:

(1) how the respondent fulfils its obligation to handle and seek to resolve relevant complaints