Petwise offer a range of policies to help cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills.

Each policy also includes additional benefits to give you further peace of mind, details of some of these are listed below

Vet's Fees

Cover is offered on a per condition basis up to £1,000 under Bronze, £3,000 under Silver, £5,000 under Gold. Petwise do not impose a time limit on how long you can claim, each condition is covered as long as you have not reached your policy limit, subject to your cover remaining in force, premiums being paid up to date and insurer inviting renewal. The Petwise Platinum policy offers a policy limit per condition, per policy year (sometimes referred to as "lifetime cover3") which is exclusive amongst the petwise range of covers available.

Cover if your pet passes away

If your pet passes away from an illness or accident, Petwise will contribute towards the purchase price of your pet.

Advertising and reward for a missing pet

If your pet is missing, Petwise will contribute towards the costs of advertising and offering a reward for your pets safe return home

Cover if your pet is lost by theft or straying

If your pet is not found or returned to you, Petwise will contribute towards the value of the price you paid for your pet

Third Party Liability (dog’s only)

If your pet causes damage or injury to a third party, of which you are legally liable, Petwise offer protection, including legal costs, up to £1,000,0006

Accidental Damage (Gold and Platinum only)

If your pet causes damage to a third parties property, for which you are not legally liable but which you feel a moral obligation to pay for, Petwise shall cover expenses up to £5006

Emergency boarding kennel/cattery cover

If you are hospitalised unexpectedly for 4 days or more and need to place your pet in a kennel/cattery, Petwise will contribute towards these costs

Holiday cancellation cover

If your pet requires emergency surgery within 7 days of your holiday departure, Petwise will contribute towards the cancellation costs of your holiday

Cover outside of the UK

Petwise actively assist towards unexpected quarantine costs, loss of your PETS passport and emergency expenses if you take your pet outside of the UK8

24 hour Veterinary Helpline

Petwise offer a specialist helpline run by veterinary professionals 24 hours a day, to answer any questions you may have about your pets health or well-being.


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3 Subject to the policy remaining in force, premiums being paid up to date and the insurer inviting renewal, there is no limit on how long you can claim for illness or injury up to £7,500 each year.

6 £100 excess applies.

8 Subject to full compliance with the PETS Travel Scheme (Non-EU countries as defined by DEFRA are not covered).